Thursday, May 29, 2008

It's A Jungle Out There...

For those of you who love Sex and the City and are anticipating its premiere onto the big screen.

Candace Bushnell, the author of the book that inspired the show that has been dubbed a woman’s bible on how to get through relationships and life, has a new show that premiered February this year called Lipstick Jungle. The show revolves around three of the most powerful women in New York City, Nico Reilly the Editor-In-Chief of Bonfire Magazine, Wendy Healy the President of Parador Pictures, and last but definitely not least Victory Ford Top Fashion Designer. The show is mature, sexy, intriguing and bold and with one of its main characters being a top fashion designer it’s full of the passion for fashion that runs through the veins of every fashionista. The show has Bushnell’s signature pop of feminism, and is a must-see for every woman that is determined to climb the corporate ladder and do it in style.
As these three women battle to advance their careers, maintain their love lives and keep their place on top in New York City while juggling scandalous affairs, squabbles between best friends, power struggles and more, they give us a feminist critique of the corporate world and life at its fiercest. Starring Brooke Shields as Wendy, Kim Raver as Nico, and Lindsay Price as Victory the show, like each of its leading ladies is an undeniable knockout. With the tagline “It’s a Jungle out there. Dress appropriately” you could just about idolize these three self-made women who serve as inspirations to the women of today.
Bushnell’s infusion of money, sex, power and fashion is a sweet delight, and I’m brimming with excitement for season two in the fall, catch it on Wednesdays on NBC or Thursdays on A-Channel at 10/9 c. If you haven’t seen it already you need to, so whether you want to buy the season one dvd set, stream the show online, buy it on itunes or wait for those inevitable summer reruns this is the kind of television that you can’t miss. If you happen to get bored with the constant flux of reruns as the summer heat sizzles and summer television fizzles pick up the book, it’s a serious page-turner. What’s not to love about a show that combines Movies, Magazines and Fashion?