Friday, January 2, 2009

The Contemporary Goddess of All things Sex, Love and New York

After finishing One Fifth Avenue, the 4th Candace Bushnell book I've read to date I have to say if she wasn't my favourite author for writing my favourite book Lipstick Jungle (and Sex and the City) she is now. Maybe it's the way her description of New York Society makes you feel like an insider or the sheer philosophy of her writing but I can't help but love her. In this installment of the brilliant author's published works she takes on the task of describing the women of New York, this time not through the eyes of a bunch of gal pals learning the ins and outs of life in the Big City, but through the eyes of the Beautiful, Historical, Co-op landmark she describes as One Fifth Avenue. She explores the mixing of Old and New people, money, and society. The women of One Fifth prove to be none other than interesting, with one woman not ready to admit she's out of her prime and who's still grasping at straws to make it as somebody in New York society, and a little twenty two year old twit who tries to inveigle her way into the lives of the residents of One Fifth Avenue only to find out selling your body in one form or another only leads to more pain than pleasure. The way Bushnell captures the very soul of New York in her books makes me think that if I could live in any place written by anyone I'd want it to be New York as told by Candace Bushnell. She is truly the Contemporary Goddess of all things Sex, Love and New York.

It's a Happy New Year Indeed

The second day of the New Year was made especially great when I hopped off the plane and spotted the February issue of Teen Vogue already on newsstands. Not because I love Teen Vogue (which I still do), but because Leighton Meester is on the cover, when Lucky magazine put Leighton on the cover last year it prompted me to buy the magazine even though it had never caught my eye before. To my surprise I fell in love with Lucky, from the Lucky deals to great mock ups of all the latest trends Lucky began to be my favourite monthly indulgence. The tab like stickers that they feature every month to help you bookmark what you love in the magazine don't hurt either, even if I don't use them all in Lucky I find it helpful for all the other magazines that lack Lucky's practical perfection. Anyway, back to February's issue of Teen Vogue, the spread of Leighton was interesting but I found it disappointing because I'd read almost all of it already on their website. Word to the wise, give us teasers not the entire story when you do an online post, if you give it all away there's no reason to buy the magazine anymore.

Not a Happy New Year for Kira Plastinina

With a new year comes new fashion news, and in the current recession it's not good. In October of last year Kira Plastinina spoke at one of the Teen Vogue Fashion U seminars, hers aptly named: You're Never too Young to Succeed", seeing as how the 16 year old was making waves on the fashion scene and had brought 12 of her stores to the U.S. While her stores in Russia are still doing well it seems that us North Americans are going to have to say bye bye to the stylings of this teenager as her U.S. division recently filed for Bankruptcy. Her stores in Russia and Ukraine will remain open but I guess she's still a little too young to succeed on this side of the world. Here's to hope that when this recession is over she'll be older and wiser and be ready to bounce back in the U.S. market. By then hopefully she'll have figured out how to make art, glamour and sporty work together without putting cute little phrases all over her clothes that scream tiny teenage twits (okay that may be a little harsh but I can't wear those things anymore or else I'm trying to pass as someone between the ages of 13 and 17). I found one thing in the entire store during her shopping event that didn't make me look 5 years younger and from that one item I can say the girl has promise.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year! I hope all of yours were more eventful than mine, sadly I didn't get to watch the ball drop in NYC like I had hoped because a storm flew past to knock 2008 out and along with it went my lights. So while you were all toasting champagne I was in the theatre watching The Curious Case of Benjamin button, sort of a reminder of Titanic and the Notebook, except for the growing young part. Best wishes to all for 2009, it's a new day, a new year, and time to fix all the things we didn't last year. My New Years Resolution: Stop being such a hermit, and try to save some of my money! Though the latter isn't likely to happen I'm hopeful