Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Fall Lineup

A little late I know, but between keeping up with the newest slots on the small screen and getting back to my old favourites, I don't know where I've been. After the TV dry spell of the summer, I may not be delighting in the change in temperature, but what the thermometer lacks on the outside, it more than makes up for on the inside. I never thought I'd love a remake of an 90's classic, but I've got to say Melrose Place has earned itself a spot on my DVR (it's kind of like t boardgame clue, set to the small screen, but more fabulous and set in an LA gated community instead of am odd old creepy mansion). Isn't Ashley Simpson's character more creepy than the crypt keeper? Curiously enough I think I'm actually starting to like The Beautiful Life, wait don't disown me! All things considered when I remember back to the early days of Gossip Girl as hard as I've tried to forget, the Pilot was absolutely terrible, and the Beautiful Life was actually not nearly as atrocious. No one was styled right and the episode may have actually left me reeling from inaccuracy. Back to the future, Gossip Girl is back, and I have to say as much as I've missed it I'm still waiting for it to get really interesting, everyone's happy, well except the brooding, tortured Serena (which isn't the least bit interesting), and of course Blair's got her mountains to conquer (which she eventually will). As for Mad Men, I wish now, more than ever that I was alive in the 60s, the hairstyles, the clothes and the smell of sex in the office come together to create one sinful Sunday. As I sit here typing away I find myself selecting a few unexpected shows to fill my tv fix. Michelle Trachenberg may be giving Blair Waldorf a run for her money and snuggling up to Dan Humphrey, much to my dismay, but I'm interested in seeing what she does with her role on the new wannabe Grey's Anatomy -- Mercy. As I mourn the loss of Lipstick Jungle I'm still searching for the fall show that will fill that void... any ideas?