Thursday, December 30, 2010

Things I Covet Deeply

From Left to Right:
(1) ASOS Bow Headband Turban - $17.24; (2) Alexandria Button Earrings - $145.00; (3) Candela Black Leather 'Pirate Crush' Studded Riding Boots - $284.00; (4) Tsumori Chisato Pleat Shoulder Jacket - $785.00; (5) Rebecca Minkoff - Ostrich Embossed Leather MAB Mini Bag - $525.00

Sunday, August 8, 2010

My At Home Vintage Store

I told my mom her closet was a treasure chest of vintage and she didn't like that. Where else can I find amazing silk or wool pencil skirts and shards of mother of pearl strung together on a necklace for free? I come from a family of shameless pack-rats, my mother still has every stitch of clothing from her pre-marriage wardrobe (future partner promise me you won't let me do that, pry them from my cold dead hands if you must). There are some things that need to toss, if given the chance I might veto more of her current stuff than her old stuff, except for the ones with the dry rot elastics and what-not. Anyway, every now and then she catches me wearing something that actually belongs to her and I have to slap myself for forgetting that her memory is as good as an elephant's. The reprimanding I get for swiping her goodies is worth it, the things I swiped may actually be my favorite wardrobe/accessory pieces so there's no way she's getting them back.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Play Me a Little Ditty is back up and running and I've discovered what is quite possibly the cutest necklace + musical instrument combination I've ever seen. The Blow harmonica necklace is too cute, although I have to wonder if it works as well as it looks. There's only one way to find out, pressing the checkout button right now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Few Good Pairs

It wasn't fun when I slid down the water slide and hoisted myself out of the water only to find that one of my favorite earrings went missing. Ever since I lost my knots I've been searching for another pair. Today, as the fates would have it, I finally found another pair. Though they're not exactly the same (they may in all actuality be nicer), I'm officially on cloud nine. I hate that when I'm searching for something I can never find it, the truth of the matter is that even though it's a cliche to say 'it happens when you're not looking' with respect to love it's applicable to practically every aspect of my life (a lesson I've been reminded of day by day).

In January my aunt decided to empty a jewelry box (which was kind of like a pot of gold) on the bed and gave me free reign to take what I wanted. I found these orchid earrings that I love, they're the perfect pair of earrings, so much so that I wear them way too much. I beat myself up every time I fall asleep in them because it always seems like a petal has been distorted by my sleeping habits. I've been worrying about what will happen when I finally do the unthinkable and one of them ends up breaking. Crazy glue had honestly been sounding like a realistic option, until today when I found the beautiful flower earrings listed above.

I may have to wait a few weeks for them to arrive but let me say this incase you haven't heard me say it before: I love The Antiquities sale is only on for another day or so but if you're interested join the site (here's the link: and check them out.

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


I have to say Georgetown is a beautiful town, from the breathtaking historical architecture to the facts that the boutiques are a shopping lover's dream and the restaurants generously sprinkle delectable food on every block. Today I fell in love with shopping and food all over again. Maybe it's because I've started to develop a new love for my body and myself again (it's amazing what a good book can do) or maybe it had more to do with the setting than anything else. Either way I had fun today.

I admit I hate when I try something on and it doesn't fit, sometimes it's disheartening and I leave the store feeling FAT. But for the first time in a long time, regardless of what I tried on today as the pile of what didn't fit mounted, I decided that my curves weren't a curse and the little positive voice inside of me did cartwheels as I consumed Georgetown Cupcakes and a Philly Cheese Steak (yum!).

Check out my spoils, && yes I can style them all three different ways! Considering I came home with only three pieces, I clearly had a lot more fun dressing my doll (well sister).

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I ♥ My Ray Bans

Remember those Ray Ban Wayfarer Rare Print NYC Subway sunglasses I mentioned a couple weeks ago? Well I've got them!

That's all she wrote...For Now

The Wardrobe Challenge

(image courtesy of bs_Art on
There's this 'Wardrobe Remix' contest on that's got me thinking about my wardrobe. The premise of the contest is being able to style one piece in your wardrobe three different ways, a contest that I've come to realize is more of a challenge (after doing a once, twice and thrice over of my closet). Sure I can take a vintage scarf and style it three different ways, but the other elements have made me a little miffed. My challenge for the next 5 wardrobe pieces I buy (with the exception of the 2 or 3 swimsuits I'm planning on buying tomorrow) is to only buy clothing that I can style three different ways. This challenge starts today, think I can do it? (I don't even know if I can.)

That's all she wrote...For Now

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Things I Covet Deeply

Summer is practically here and there are a few things I'm contemplating squandering what money I make from my freelance projects on. (see below & tell me you don't want them too)

Marc New York; Suggested Retail Price $168.00; Ideeli Price $69.00
Isn't it lovely? I have a thing for tulip skirting. Not to mention it's more than 50% off the suggested retail price. Remember you have to be invited to Ideeli, so here's my invitation link:

Ray Ban, Rare Prints - NYC Subway; Suggested Retail Price $139.00
I tried them on at the Sunglasses Hut && fell absolutely in love. I've promised myself I'll own them in a few weeks.

Bridget Sandals - Made in Jamaica; approximately $100 each
In truth I've been lusting after a pair of these for over a year, they're gorgeous handmade creations and of course I'm even more of a fan because they were made in Jamaica.

Urban Outfitters - Kimchi Skirt; Suggested Retail Price $58.00
It's so adorable, and the lace adds this touch of Victorian elegance that makes it slightly sexy.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

OMFG: Gossip Girl Season Finale

You know I check spoilers more than I should, so the first half of Gossip Girl was everything I expected it to be. I have to wonder if it would have been better if I didn't know that Jenny was going to sleep with Chuck, but I can safely thank the GG Cast & Crew for keeping tight lipped about the second half of the finale. It felt like a sneak attack, everything was as it should be, I knew Chuck was going to propose and that it was going to go horribly awry. But I have to say this finale set up next season for a few OMFG moments. For starters I'm hearing rumors of the Season 4 premiere being filmed in Paris! I'm expecting season 4 to be bigger and better than ever. As for Jenny, am I allowed to say "THANK GOD SHE'S GONE?," or is it too soon? Who really believes that Dan is the father of Georgie's baby? As for Nate turning from the knight in shining armor to Chuck 2.0, he could get interesting, or STD's (sorry I had to say it). But the biggest bang of all wasn't little J throwing away her V card, or finding out that Serena and Dan still have feelings for one another, or even Blair putting the Bitch back in Queen B, but Chuck lying in an alley being shot after trying to hold on to what I can only guess was at least a 4 carat Harry Winston Engagement ring for Blair! It brought me to tears, and as you may all remember I've never been a die hard Chuck & Blair fan.

As I said last night after the GG finale on twitter, rather incoherently I might add: "OMFG! NOOOOO! Chuck! Gha! *tears*." I'm still not sure anything but that tweet explains how completely and utterly flummoxed I was after the finale.

Did I mention that I love that Gossip Girl always finds a way to intertwine the plot with famous love stories, I don't care what anyone says, the writers are brilliant!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Read My Lips: GG Update

(image courtesy of reereedaflip on
So Gossip Girl just got complicated, but didn't we already know that mommy dearest to Chuck Bass was going to turn out to be a snake in the grass? I kind of wish Chuck handed over the reigns of his hotel to Blair, at least then we'd get to see the power hungry B**** we love back in action. I miss the real Queen B. As for the rest of the GG cast, is it too soon to say that Serenate bores me - (I mean really!) exchanging I love you's after three episodes of lustful sex, there was hardly any buildup and there's even less real chemistry. Serena just doesn't know how to be alone. As for Nate, I think I'd like to see Nate and Jenny take a dip in the GG cesspool. Even though I should feel bad for her Lil J annoys me, and I probably would have liked it better if she lost the big V in tonight's episode. Instead we've been led down another street of deja vu, where Jenny Humphrey fakes popping her cherry once again (didn't this happen the same time last year too?!?) Moving on to the only thing that really got good tonight, I'm actually loving Dan and Vanessa as a couple - not so boring after all. Looks like I'll need to load up my MetroCard, it's time to leave the posh sites of the Upper East Side and head south to get down and dirty in Brooklyn.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

Summer Anthem!

It's 2 months before my summer starts, and I've already found my 2010 summer anthem! Certified Diva - Tifa featuring Tami Chynn. No surprise there it's by Tami Chynn, I can picture myself now with the sunroof open and the beat blasting through my speakers. Take a listen.

Sunday, March 7, 2010

That's all she wrote...For Now

(image courtesy of ~after-the-party on
I would like to direct your attention to my new blog, it's called That's all she wrote...For Now. Call me crazy, and rightly so - with the random spattering of thoughts swarming around in my brain I've decided to document the craziness that makes me - Me. Call it my quarter-life antics - born out of the aformentioned quarter-life crisis I'm coming out of - I'm realizing a few things about myself and about life - care to join me for the bumpy (and highly entertaining ride)? You're welcome to join me @ -- You'll still be able to read my lips here too - and I'm promising to get back to the lip service very soon!

Friday, February 19, 2010

Rent The Runway

Sex and the City introduced us to BagBorrowSteal, and now I'll introduce you to Even though Anna Wintour encourages us to wear items in our wardrobe more than once we all know that once you've been caught on camera in a dress you love the chances you'll wear it out again just hit below zero (thanks twitter & facebook). Meet the solution to that closet full of dresses you'll never wear more than once, for 10% of the retail price you can rent that Yigal Azrouël frock you spotted (ahem! drooled over) in the pictures you've been filing over from NY Fashion Week. Online shopping has never been easier: 1. Pick the dress you want & when you want it delivered (P.S. it comes in 2 sizes just to be safe!) 2. Wear it (bonus: get the satisfaction of making all your friends jealous) 3. Return it in the prepaid packaging! With labels like Temperly London, Alice + Olivia, Robert Rodriguez, Proenza Schouler and so many more a girl's closet options just gained infinite possibilities.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Re-Wind: Back Track on I Will Always Love You

I'm one of those people that tends to act like I have a personal relationship with their favourite characters, both in my favourite books and my favourite TV shows. Since I grew up reading Gossip Girl for most of my teenage life the Blair, Serena, Nate love triangle will always hold a special place in my heart. Knowing this is the final novel in the series is actually a little heartbreaking, and in some ways a parallel to the closing chapter of my own adolescence. In my last few posts I've been a bit nostalgic, maybe even overly so, but the truth be told is sometimes you need to look to the past, especially when you're trying to figure out where you're going. I credit Blair Waldorf for my undying love for Audrey Hepburn which at this point in my life surpasses my love and adoration for Blair. It's actually made me into the person I am today, it's the first series I really interacted with and now the final novel was in some ways self reflexive of the last four years of my own life. There are however a few things I'd like to say about the one I will truly always love. I'll forgive Cecily Von Ziegesar and her editor for their momentary lapse in judgement (i.e. the additional, need I say forced) Chuck & Blair story line, that had very little development because she stayed true to the thing that made the books compelling, the never ending love triangle between Blair, Serena and Nate. I may deny that I'm a romantic but when it comes to Nate and Blair, I'll always have a soft spot. It's true what they said when the TV series first started - Nate was always caught between the love of his life and the girl of his dreams, but who does he choose in the end, or for that matter who do Serena and Blair choose in the end: that you'll have to read to believe. You'll love it if you loved the book series, and if you haven't read the series yet, you should seriously think about it (but don't cheat and read just the last one, start from the beginning, it's way more interesting that way). You're nobody 'til your talked about. xoxo - Gossip Girl