Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Tell Me a Bedtime Story

Bedtime Stories was a surprisingly good comedy about an Uncle, Skeeter who babysits his niece, Bobbi and nephew, Patrick for a week and learns that they have the power to bring the stories they tell to life. When they add in their quirky parts and combine them with his bedtime stories they turn his life upside down as they manipulate his life's main events, from job prospects to romantic relationships. If the story was real instead of raining gumballs I'd wish for raining shoes and purses, but since I'm stuck in everyday life with no superpowers to speak of, this film was a refreshing view into a fantasy world. It was fantastically amusing, a family film that you couldn't help but burst into uncontrollable laughter watching. Starring Adam Sandler, Kerry Russell, Courtney Cox Arquette, Laura Ann Kesling, Johnathan Morgan Heit and of course Bugsy the bugeyed guinea pig.

Jungle Update

The ratings went up in the last episode but the fate of my dearly beloved still hangs in the balance. The decision whether or not the show will be pulled relies completely on what happens in the next few episodes. So Lipstick and non-Lipstick lovers alike tune in on Fridays from now until the season is over, blog about it, post on nbc, sign the petition, do everything you can to save our dear lipstick from becoming another discontinued shade. They can't cancel it now, everyones lives just got so much more interesting. Will Nico and Griffin hook up, or will she and Kirby hook up again, this love triangle is about to steam up the jungle. What will happen to Wendy and Shane now that she wants therapy and he's planning on running off on this international tour with Natasha Bedingfield at the urging of Josie, his manager whose nursing a thing for him. Most importantly, now that Victory has shocked us all (in a good way) by saying its her turn to pop the question to Joe, we have so many questions, like how she plans to flip the script and when she does what will Joe's answer be.

Let us not forget: It's a jungle out there, Dress appropriately.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spotted: Leighton Meester Teen Vogue Cover Girl

(photo taken from

The beautiful Leighton Meester will be seen on the cover of Teen Vogue in the upcoming February issue. Teen Vogue reported that Leighton says she doesn't want to stop playing the character, and was quoted saying "It would be like part of me going away." Her spread in Teen Vogue will detail all we want to know about this classic beauty, from the truth about that rumour that she was born in jail, to what she thinks about her co-star Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), the article will also include what she really thinks about Blair Waldorf's signature style, her childhood and some insider information on her debut album (I can't wait to get my hands on that one!).

P.S. New Episodes of Gossip Girl Start January 5th, The next few episodes will answer a few questions about our upper eastsiders, Like how Serena's trip to South America went, or whether or not Blair will attend her father's alma mater, and what about little Jenny Humphrey's return to constance, she's bound to make waves, most importantly we'll finally get some closure from our burning questions from the last episode. Will Chuck and Blair finally be together, will Dan and Aaron have a showdown for Serena's love, what will happen with Rufus and Lily? There's so much we're about to find out. Gossip Girl's New Years Resolution: Keep Getting Better!

Friday, December 12, 2008

SOS: Lipstick Jungle about to be CANCELLED

I haven't complained about the economy because it really didn't hit me until I got slapped with this this morning. I've had enough of these studios cancelling good shows, first it was Women's Murder Club, and now the show that is near and dear to my heart; Lipstick Jungle. Why is it so hard for them to keep a show on the air that's about women on top? Help me save my dearly beloved, sign the petition at, you'll not only be doing yourself some good if you watch the show, but you'll be keeping tears off my pillow!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Gossip Girl: Waldass Translation

As you all are well aware I’ve never been much of a Waldass (or Chair) fan because I consider myself a purist to the books, not that I don’t love the show, it gets my week started on the right foot and I’d consider myself a fanatic. After much dismay I must say I’ve finally been converted over to the darkside. Even though I’d love for the Nate and Blair saga to continue some time in the future, I’ve come to love and appreciate their antics and that whole star-crossed lovers thing that Blair and Chuck have going on. After last nights episode I’m no longer on the fence about this twosome, Blair really loves him and I say ‘Give the Queen what she wants!’ But poor Chuck in the midst of all this, he’s become a very lonely orphan. How does one deal with losing their parents on the upper-east side, holing yourself up in your fathers hotel and drowning yourself in booze and the company of women seemed like the Chuck Bass way, but what about his one true love? Will he eventually come back to her, a little less soulless and more ready to love her? We can only hope, after that touching moment with them crying together on Blair’s bed only for Chuck to disappear yet again when Blair fell asleep. Or will Blair go looking for him, disregarding the note he left on her pillow? I personally hope the latter, their relationship just got good and in the midst of all this chaos I’d hate for them not to follow through.

As for the rest of the Gossip Girl Cast, as one love triangle, namely Bart-Lily-Rufus comes to an end; another one takes its place Aaron-Serena-Dan. But what can we say for the romances that seem to have met their untimely end. How could Lily not tell Rufus that they had a child? Why doesn't Celia stay out of her daughters life? Can it really be over now that Rufus knows? If Rufus has anything to say about it I guess so, and that just leaves more drama for our other triangle to stir up. Now that Dan got the free and clear from dear old dad, what will Serena do when she comes back from Buenos Aires. Since the recent Waldorf-Rose nuptials we can assume that Aaron isn’t going anywhere, but we don’t expect Serena to fall out of love with Dan so easily do we, especially now that her mother’s love affair is over? And we don’t expect Dan to go out without a fight!

Spotted: Waldass in an ad campaign for Nikon’s new line of Coolpix cameras. I’ve got to say they look adorable & those camera's look pretty good too (I know what I want for Christmas). Where: You can find the ad spread in the current issues of Teen Vogue and Lucky.

Back for the very first time

Okay so I’ve been MIA for a little over a month now, after I got back from Teen Vogue Fashion U life caught up with me. November was a hellish month with midterms and assignments, but I’m back and ready to spill.