Wednesday, December 30, 2009

The More Things Change...

The more they stay the same. Now that may sound like a cliche, and I'd ordinarily agree and never even think of using it in this post but in the case of the new and final chapter in the original Gossip Girl series it couldn't be closer to the truth. I finally ordered in online when to my dismay no one bought it for me for my birthday or for Christmas, Yes I am a twenty year old English major and this is technically a young adult/teenage read that my professors would probably be appalled that this made the cut so high on my reading list but meh! It's a guilty pleasure that I am not willing to give up. Seventy Seven pages into Cecily Von Ziegesar's brand new masterpiece, "I Will Always Love You" and I've been transported back to the days before the TV show, when I sat in my room and instead of watching TV and talking on the phone I was enraptured in the likes of "Would I Lie to You" "It Had to Be You" and "Nothing Can Keep Us Together". I was slightly apprehensive about picking up this book, after so many years, could Cecily be able to recapture the essence of the characters? After the It Girl and The Carlyles, would I be as in love with it, or have I matured too much. (Ha, that's a laugh) Turns out, I'm just as much of a kid now as I was 6 years ago when I opened my first Gossip Girl novel. I wish these books could live on forever and find it quite strange to compare it to the TV show when (except for the accurate depiction of Blair) everything else seems so far removed. Thankfully the images of the characters I'd created in my head all those years ago have remained unscathed by the small screen adaptation. To all avid Gossip Girl lovers alike: we may all have to grow up sometime but even if it's just for now pick it up and give Gossip Girl one last read. You know you'll love it xoxo.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Downtown Disaster

So in 2009 there've been countless letdowns in the fashion industry between the bailouts and the bankrupcies. With designers playing it safe, fashion lovers have been the ones taking the risks, but not with our pocketbooks -- we've been digging into the back of our closests to find those clothes (tags still on or not) that we'd thought we'd never wear again refashioning them into some vogueworthy pieces. Possibly one of the biggest shocks of all was when Christian Lacroix filed for Bankruptcy. Now with a few days before the New Year Chickdowntown has filed for the big B too. I'm sad to see it go, it was one of my favourite fashion find sights for pitches for my freelance projects. Even with all this downsizing despair nothing can cheer a girl up quite like a sale, get your hands on all the remaining stock on with an additional 50% off using the promo code Friend50. Did I mention they've got all the labels I love, from Foley and Corrina, Alice + Olivia, Guiseppe Zanotti, Calypso, MARC by Marc Jacobs and so many more!

I decided to check back on this week & I'm happy to report it is back up and running! =D (06/06/2010)

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Toni Toni Toni

So I've been quite a bit nostalgic these last few months and as much as I idealize my childhood I know full well that aside from the fact that everyone can admit to loving Backstreet Boys, NSync, Britney Spears and Spice Girls, and therefore commiserate on our bad choices (and laugh fondly and belt out one of our favourites at Karaoke) the elitist in me is quite ashamed of almost all of my young music tastes, save for one or two artists. To most people I'm still quite young, but to the younger generation, the fact that I've seen the phasing out of both cassettes and CD's means I'm ahem "Old". If you ask me what I was raised on I'll tell you a mix of probably what ever adolescent in North America was in the 90's and an added measure of the Jamaican stuff that to this day I love with no hesitation or sense of shame (i.e. Bob Marley, Third World, Buju Banton & Peter Tosh, all of which are male mind you) and why would I? Rifling through all the keepsakes and memories I've held onto over the years (you better believe that it's a lot, I will grudgingly admit to my packrattyness) somewhere between the Spice Girls Posters and the costume I wore for my first self choreographed dance performance at camp -- Backstreet Boys "Everybody" (don't laugh, I still think that it was an outstanding showcase of talent) I found the old cassette that I all but burnt a hole into playing over and over (and over) again in my aunts car growing up and on that cassette that I treasured more than life itself is a medley of two female artist -- Toni Braxton and Mariah Carey. Now as much as I'll always love Mariah she's pretty much sold out to the new R&B/Pop Genre, yet there's something about Toni that is just as soulful as the first day I heard "Another Sad Love Song" or "Breathe Again", I can't stop playing her new single featuring Trey Songz "Yesterday" and the funny thing about it is that considering the fact that they've been singing for over 15 years (regardless of how much plastic surgery they may or may not have had) these women still look phenomenal and sexy too, leaving me with hope in tact that I'll be able to age that gracefully.

Saturday, December 26, 2009


So this year I've been really bad with keeping up on my blogging, so the first resolution on my lengthy list is to keep this blog going and start a new blog about my quarter life crisis. Who says that at 20 years old we don't have a care in the world. Since the clock struck 12 on my 20th birthday I've been bombarded with the complexities of life after 19. A - I was no longer a teenager *a fact that made me somewhat happy until my sisters friends proceeded to inform me, as only shreiking teenager girls can "You're OLD!!!", B - I was and am now halfway to 40 (a notion I was all too happy to point out to my older friends, but made me less so when it came to me), in ten years I'd like nothing more than to sign my emails, and proffessional documents Chanelle Sicard, Editor-in-Chief of (insert name of some uber successful Fashion Magazine here). Lauren Conrad had crows feet at 21, so even though I'd like to think it's premature I shallowly inspect my face every morning for even the slightest trace of a wrinkle. Reality has been hitting me hard, both in the months leading up to and the months following my big 2-0. I've developed a seething impostor complex, as if at 20 someone's going discover I'm a fraud of some sort or another, even though I'm not even sure what exactly it is about me that's remotely fraudulent. Between graduating, the impending move to the concrete jungle, my life in retrograde and enough men problems for 5 women I think I've met and exceeded my drama quota for 2009 and 2010 put together. My resolutions this year are appropriately not so much New Year's Resolutions but Resolutions for my 20's. I'll be working on a resolution that by 2020 I should have achieved, tackled, and dealt with as appropriate.

Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feet Relief

Okay, so even with the best foot cushions money can buy, there comes a time when your instep can no longer take the unnatural position courtesy of your stiletto heels. Those used to be comfortable Ellie Tahari heels are posing a health risk, and beckoning for a trip to the chiropractor to undo the damage. It may be two months away but I've already started making my Christmas list, and number one on my list are Footzyrolls, the perfect compact shoes that look great and give your feet the much needed relief they crave after a night on the dancefloor. They beat walking barefoot with heels in hand any day, and I'll never have to worry that my feet won't make the next two steps to get through the doorway.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Arsenal

Every girl has her fashion and beauty must haves, the old faithfuls that she'll always go back to no matter what. A concept that makeup companies sometimes don't understand, especially when they decide to discontinue something. Up until I started university the use of makeup was foreign to me, I relied on one thing good old vaseline (the all purpose lip gloss, moisturiser, and sometimes even make up remover). Those days seem so far removed today when my beauty kit is practically overflowing (and in need of some spring cleaning now that I think of it), I've reached the point in my life where I've determined at the very least, half of what works for me, and I've begun to compose my very own arsenal.

The Back Saver
Maidenform's backless bra

As a pretty well endowed female I'd come to hate the backless numbers that looked so cute but offered no semblance of support. I'd written them off as something I wouldn't be able to wear, but thanks to maidenform, that's a song I no longer have to sing, the backless bra actually works, so now I can feel free to show off my nicely toned back muscles (if I do say so myself)!

The Lash Master
Lash Blast from Cover Girl

Forget all the hightech gadgetry with the vibrating wands and the circular shaped tip (my absolute least favourite), nothing makes my thick but not so long lashes pop quite like this baby. I remember when it came out, a friend of mine had chastised me about my mascara obsession and kept me from buying it for months, but I knew even before I'd tried it that this was the answer to my lashful woes.

The Magic Maker
Vasanti Magic Liner

I stumbled upon this treasure during my internship at As a girl who hates using average colour combinations and loves to make liner out of all of her shadows, I've finally found my (not so secret) secret weapon. Before this gem popped up out of obscurity I was confined to mixing a little visine with my shadows and an eyeliner brush (a perfectly adequate solution if you can't get your hands on this baby).

The Gam Poser
Hue Stockings
I've admittedly hated my legs for most of my life, and as I move up into adulthood and accept my toned yet huge thighs I have found their must have accessory, from the lace flowers to the diamond prints to just plain old blacks and blues, Hue gives my legs that extra something that makes me look past how big they are and for lack of a better word sexifies them.

The Foot Doctor
Airplus Foot Cushions

As a shorty standing at 5 foot 3 inches I wear heels as much as I can, which can wreak havoc on my feet, after the Fall LG Fashion Week earlier this year I discovered the most amazing cure to my tootsie troubles. I can wear my heels anywhere, dance the night away and (almost) never have to be that girl walking out of the club barefoot with shoes in hand. These gel cushions give me that extra comfort I need to make those extra ten steps to my door after a night on the town.

LG Fashion Week - The Rundown

After a week at the tents I'm exhausted, but now it's time for a rundown of the entire week. Plagued by bad weather that couldn't make up its mind between the sunshine and the rain, the cold and a few degrees above that, LG Fashion Week still came out shining. From the Chandeliers in the Showroom to the garments on the Runway, this season's show was decadent & phenomenal. My favourite moments? Maybe it was almost interrupting Stacy McKenzie mid-interview and living to talk about it. OR the fact that I did get a pretty good look at almost every collection shown this week, either way I had fun. This season started off collaborating
Fashion with the Shakespearean Era, featuring lots of lace, capes and lavish fabrics (I'm a sucker for any literature references). Between the Barbie by David Dixon collection and the show's featuring of the soundtrack to Funny Face and a clip from the film I was completely floored by the homage to my favourite Audrey Hepburn classic, not to mention the collection. Aside from my Audrey Hepburn love affair, that makes me completely biased - the NADA show was my absolute favourite, I'd be willing to say this collection was the perfect Spring collection, with just the right combination of florals, lace, and an ethereal quality, NADA's at the top of my list of favourite Canadian Designers. My biggest disappointment: not being able to see the September Issue (but hey I'll see it very soon =D).

The NADA Show

Barbie by David Dixon

Opening Night @ LG Fashion Week
(I love this cape!)

Opening Night @ LG Fashion Week
(Loved the combination of pink, lace and the cape)

Opening Night @ LG Fashion Week

Monday, October 12, 2009

As a loyal Audrey Hepburn follower, my staple hairstyle is a pinned updo. I've contemplated and nearly convinced myself to cut my hair into a pixie cut (Roman Holiday), then a permanent updo (How to Steal a Million) all to no avail. My hair may be medium length, a little past my shoulders, and offers me some versatility, but if it's one thing you can almost always count on, it's that my hair will be pinned up in some variation or another. As prim and proper as I tend to be, I kind of enjoy making my hair a little dishevled. When I run out of ideas or need inspiration the first place I run to is BellaSugar, their step by step guides have turned me into a pro in making my otherwise basic hair cut into some pretty sweet stylings. Exhibit A: Kristen Bells' hairstyle and my own above, I myself still can't completely master that 4 part braid, but it still came out pretty nicely.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mercury in Retrograde

Interested in what goes on in the mind of a NYT Page Six Editor? The woman with the inside scoop on the hottest gossip in the city that never sleeps, Paula Froelich recently published her debut novel, Mercury in Retrograde. When Mercury falls into retrograde, all hell breaks loose for three New York women, in all the chaos and calamity this unlikely trio end up living in the same apartment building and become best friends. When Penelope Mercury burns her office to a crisp and projectile vomits all over her boss, things couldn't possibly get any worse. The fashionable socialite/editor Lena "Lipstick" Lippencrass, is served with a parental eviction notice, forcing her to pull herself up by her Jimmy Choo bootstraps. As for the workaholic/neurotic newly divorced Dana Gluck, when her (seemingly) picture perfect marriage, turns out to be anything but, she's got to learn that working 24/7 and (unneccessarily) attending Weight Watcher meetings isn't the remedy to getting over the depression that follows a failed marriage. The story that follows these three ladies as they're smacked back into orbit had me more than giggling in amusement in less than appropriate places (yes that was me on the train laughing while you were trying to sleep). I'll be waiting for Paula Froelich's next masterpiece.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

My Fall Lineup

A little late I know, but between keeping up with the newest slots on the small screen and getting back to my old favourites, I don't know where I've been. After the TV dry spell of the summer, I may not be delighting in the change in temperature, but what the thermometer lacks on the outside, it more than makes up for on the inside. I never thought I'd love a remake of an 90's classic, but I've got to say Melrose Place has earned itself a spot on my DVR (it's kind of like t boardgame clue, set to the small screen, but more fabulous and set in an LA gated community instead of am odd old creepy mansion). Isn't Ashley Simpson's character more creepy than the crypt keeper? Curiously enough I think I'm actually starting to like The Beautiful Life, wait don't disown me! All things considered when I remember back to the early days of Gossip Girl as hard as I've tried to forget, the Pilot was absolutely terrible, and the Beautiful Life was actually not nearly as atrocious. No one was styled right and the episode may have actually left me reeling from inaccuracy. Back to the future, Gossip Girl is back, and I have to say as much as I've missed it I'm still waiting for it to get really interesting, everyone's happy, well except the brooding, tortured Serena (which isn't the least bit interesting), and of course Blair's got her mountains to conquer (which she eventually will). As for Mad Men, I wish now, more than ever that I was alive in the 60s, the hairstyles, the clothes and the smell of sex in the office come together to create one sinful Sunday. As I sit here typing away I find myself selecting a few unexpected shows to fill my tv fix. Michelle Trachenberg may be giving Blair Waldorf a run for her money and snuggling up to Dan Humphrey, much to my dismay, but I'm interested in seeing what she does with her role on the new wannabe Grey's Anatomy -- Mercy. As I mourn the loss of Lipstick Jungle I'm still searching for the fall show that will fill that void... any ideas?

Saturday, August 15, 2009

Gone Mad

Okay so if you haven't gotten it by now, I'm obsessed with Mad Men, tomorrow is the Season 3 premiere (YAY!). I'd like to abduct the hair and wardrobe stylists pronto - because if it's one thing no other primtime show can touch (except maybe gossip girl in the fashion department) it's the styling. I've never been so tempted to smoke a cigarette (no I haven't and of course I won't), but still this show is just amazing. When one of my favourite professors said it was everything we study about and more (in cultural studies) I was a more than a little bit interested, but I could never figure out how to work it into my busy schedule. Now that I'm all caught up on season's one and two I vow never to miss another episode. Plus it's set in New York, in a time when I should have been alive - my soul is kindred spirits with the 1960's and there's no getting around that. It's so twisted and juicy, after all it's where (even) the truth lies. I'm excited for tomorrow night, it's amazing how much TV keeps me happy - I guess that's the life of a pop culture junkie. I'm off to attempt one of those crazy artistry like updo's, next week it's the Betty Draper coiff.

The One Earring Blues

Okay so I'm terrible at this keeping a pair of earrings a "pair" of earrings thing. I lost one of my favourite earrings yesterday to a waterpark ride, even though I should have the sense to know not to wear them, stupidity caught me. It's not the first time my duo's have gone solo, so I'm trying to concot the perfect solution to my recurring issue. When I was a teenager in highschool, I used them to decorate my kilt, if they were cute and dangly that was where they went before they ended up in my earring retirement home. I don't quite have the heart to throw them away, so I've got to find a place for them that doesn't include them never being seen again. I've contemplated a modern art project that'll have ever solitary (and I mean solitary) earring that I own that has ever been left alone. But I've been thinking, I can't possibly be the only person that this happens to, so I'm on a mission to solve this one for all of us. That's my new design project, just thought I'd give you all a heads up, because or else we plan to put all our hair to one side for the rest of our lives something's gotta give.

Friday, August 14, 2009

Bloggers remorse

So I didn't really blog at all in July, nor the first week of August. It was a terrible month for me, I can't lie. I wasn't on vacation soaking up rays of sun (I wish). Instead I was thoroughly entranced in life as an intern/communications department assistant/association president, oh and let me not forget studying for my grad school exams. All these things still exist in my life but in the absence of blogging I've come to appreciate my blog time for everything it gives me and the things it doesn't take from me. While I was gone I dealt with everything from lovers spats (still being dealt with) to the more important stuff like catching up on a TV series I've come to love that's circa 1960's (I'll give you three guesses, but I hope by now it should only take one). I can't apologise enough for leaving without a word, but i'm back, with more lip service than before, so get ready to - Read my lips.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Newfound Love Affair

So my love for pop culture never stops and since regular television is off season I've had some time to find a new addiction. I can't believe I didn't fall for this show in its first season, mostly because I was so taken up with Gossip Girl, Women's Murder Club and Lipstick Jungle among other things, but after the numerous golden globe wins something should have clicked. I've taken a time warp in the last month and a half. After watching the entire first season of Mad Men it would seem as if i'm living in the 60's (at least in my head).
I love the fashion, since I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn the 1960's stole my heart. Admittedly, I walk around with my hair in rollers and a vintage scarf a la Breakfast at Tiffany's with a ukelele playing Moonriver. As for the show, something about the salacious office affairs and the questionable office politics has me hooked, i'm preordering the season two DVD right now!

Lip Service #12

So there was this boy that I absolutely positively adored, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get him out of my mind, but I knew deep down it was pointless. We wanted different things, were completely different people and would probably never agree on anything. Now when I was a teenager those kinds of relationships were the ones I thrived on, the constant fighting and arguing gave me such a rush and the drama was exciting, but now I don't have the time for it so I let prince charming pass me by. Yes I said prince charming, imagine everything you ever wanted in a man plus an ample amount of bonuses personified, well that was him for me... My problem - I don't do commitment and no matter how perfect he is i'm still not ready. So there I sat last night watching PS I Love You (a hilarious book by the way), only to hear the perfect proverbial chick's way to say exactly how I was feeling. Some may say square peg round hole, but this one fits so much better:

Lip Service #12: Your like a pair of shoes that I really want to buy, but they just don't fit!

A different time a different place and it could have all been perfect!

Sound off: GG update

Okay so in the midst of the Gossip Girl hiatus I've turned to checking out every blog and news site that google would feed me about updates and hints to the upcoming 3rd season's shenanigans. To my deep upset I stumbled upon multiple reports that Hilary Duff will be joing the Gossip Girl cast for a few episodes slated to start airing in October. Can I just say that two letter word I hope you're all thinking; NO! Just plain and simple, why do the casting directors insist on putting has been tween celebs into the mix, it's enough to have Michelle Tratchenberg as Georgina Sparks. I've learned to live with her presence because I actually kind of liked Harriet the Spy but Lizzie McGuire needs to stay away from the Upper East Side. That's my verdict, && the idea of her and Dan Humphrey together isn't winning her any points either.

Monday, June 29, 2009

&& I still haven't found what i'm looking for

Every season I have my signature shade. My nails are always a distinctly different colour from everyone else around me and there's a certain level of pride that I take in that. This summer I'm wavering between a neon green from OPI nail lacquer called Gargantuan Green Grape (gotta love the name) and a concoction I've created in an attempt to create grey, since I can't find the shade on any shelf from here to Timbuktu. I've heard of OPI's Moon over Mumbai from the India Collection, but can spot it nowhere in sight.

My Mix:
  • 3 coats OPI Funny Bunny
  • 2 coats OPI Stars in My Eyes
  • Finish 1 top coat OPI Funny Bunny

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lip service #11

This weekend was a bit of an adventure for me, up until yesterday my lip service inspiration was at a dismal low. On a little expedition of the city with a few friends that came to visit from out of town we began a search for a psychic, itching for someone to read our palms and give us a little insight into our futures. Out of 5 of us our satisfaction with our readings ranged from high 90's to the abysmal mid 50's. Some of us found her extremely accurate, while I myself was taken aback by the sheer ludicrousy of her predictions for my life. Now the sheer fact that I've been made aware of this possible life outcome makes me completely determined for my life not to end up that way and that is where I stumbled upon this weeks lip service.

Lip Service #11: The thing about seeing into the future is that once you've seen it it changes. We are creatures that determine our own destinies.

The fact that I've been made aware of my "future" makes me apprehensive and a bit more determined to choose a path that contradicts what I've been told. I like to believe and the psychic said it herself, we choose where we end up, and let's just say I'm choosing not to end up where my reading says I will.

Friday, June 5, 2009

Lip Service #10

Truth can be found anywhere, and only the wise ones are likely to discover what is right in front of their eyes. This weeks lip service may run a bit longer than usual but as I sipped my Starbucks passion tea and savoured every bite of my ginger molasses cookie (my number one sugar vice) I stumbled upon a truth I really didn't see coming. Nuzzled in an average activity like my signature starbucks pick me up was trademark "The Way I See It", with words that told me everything I needed to know. Now maybe I'm getting a bit soft because for the first time in a long time I've got someone in my life that makes me believe in the romantic babble I've been so careful to avoid for the past few years, but I really believe that this one is true. My phobia of relationships would like to slap starbucks for knocking my sweet little notions about the confinement of commitment right on it's posterior end, but hey truth is truth I'm nothing if I don't face it.

Lip Service #10: The Way I See It #76: The irony of commitment is that it's deeply liberating - in work, in play, in love. The act frees you from the tyranny of your internal critic, from fear that likes to dress itself up and parade itself around as rational hesitation. To commit is to remove your head as the barrier to your life.

And that truth my dears is all she wrote for now...

Friday, May 29, 2009

Lip Service #9

I've been talking to a few friends about which of my friendships are the strongest and why. It occurs to me that my relationships are strongest when my friends confront me. I seem to have this notion in my head that the only books I find good and the only people I find interesting are those that without pause call me out with as much disregard for my feelings as possible. I like to hide from myself, I self destruct so I don't have to face the truth... So what I need in my life are people and materials that refuse to let me hide. I think I'm privileged to have friends like this and I guess it takes some serious measures of maturity to not hate these people and push them out of my life. The only way we can truly grow is to open ourselves up to seeing ourselves rather than the facets of ourselves that we'd like to see. So my lip service for the week comes from my own life lessons on soul searching and self analysis:

Lip Service #9: We must allow others to show us the things we can't see in ourselves. Self discovery comes when we acknowledge ourselves fully and lay down our facade.

Now I'm off to enjoy my weekend I hope you all do the same.

That's all she wrote for now...

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The New York Woman in Me

Since I finished 4 Blondes, another Candace Bushnell book I've been left to reflect on the type of woman I am and the type of woman I'll become. Though this book is very low on my list of books I'd suggest anyone read I find that Bushnell's knack for telling it like it is, and saying the things we're not supposed to say has forced me yet again to confront myself. When I read Lipstick Jungle I'd decided that between the ages of 30 and 40 I wanted to be the kind of woman that was at the top of her career, just like Nico, Wendy, and Victory and that I'd do anything to get there. Now I've found the trick, after reading through another tale about New York women I'm confronted with the aftermath. It would seem that although I've spent the better part of the last couple years denying want of marriage and family that I am just as Bushnell writes her characters and quite possibly an all true New York woman (whether or not I was born there). When I've reached the top of my career I'm going to have spent too many nights in my empty apartment and I'm going to want that dream life that I've tried so hard to avoid wanting. I'm going to want to get married and have adorable childen, even if its not what I say I want right now. In their youth New York women love their independence, the belief that their career is what matters and the notion that they don't need anyone else, I can say that that's me now. But in a couple of decades, the other woman, the woman that I don't recognize, the one that wants a family life: husband and child(ren)- I may become her.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Assless Apparel -- WTF?!?!?!

Okay I'm not going to say anything else. I'm just going to post the pic of American Apparel's latest atrocity... but really assless tights?

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lip Service #8

I'm one of those people that hates talking about their feelings, all the vulnerability and openness is like a big flaging red danger sign that I've gotten into the habit of taking a detour away from. So where has my detour landed me, I suppose some would call me terminally single, maybe it's because of my irrefutable denial of having actual feelings or the fact that I'm as picky when it comes to men as a serious art collector would be about picking out the next piece to add to their collection. Truth be told I'm terrified of the idea that I could possibly like someone that they could potentially change my entire outlook on life. Recently somethings hit me, being single for too long is just as bad as being in a relationship for too long. Change is good, and even if that change requires somewhat unsettling risks that require that we open ourselves up to the possibility of failure (an option I've also never really welcomed), risks must be taken for personal growth and for us to be able to thrive instead of continuing to survive as we have been. So my lip service for the week puts these risks into contexts and offers some actual advice that I'm actually trying to take.

Lip Service #8: Forget the risk, take the fall if its what you want its worth it all.

Monday, May 11, 2009

It's a Woman's World: Jennifer Hudson's Proposal

Okay so she was already engaged, he proposed to her a year ago for her birthday but nevertheless the girl popped the question to her already fiance with a five carat diamond and platinum engagement ring by Neil Lane to match her equally exquisite five carat round centre stone platinum ring, also by Neil Lane. It's one of those things that has always haunted me, the history that accompanies the engagement ring always leaves a bitter taste in my mouth. But today I think I may have found a cure, I've always pondered: so if I get engaged is that engagement ring an archaic remnant of past traditions that symbolize matrimonial slavery (I sound extreme but it has historical truth)! Well Jennifer Hudson just solved my problem; it goes both ways. I've never been willing to give up my autonomy, so if I wear an engagement ring (note to my future hubby) expect to wear one too! That is a compromise I'll live with.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Lip Service #7

This week I started a new journey of some sorts, upon walking through the doors on the first day of my internship I was greeted by a canvas on the wall, scrawled across which is my sweet and simple but nevertheless powerful lip service for the week.

Lip Service #7: Some people pursue happiness; Others create it.

It makes so much sense not to search for something when the answer is within, we have the power to create our own brands of happiness. It was as if something had clicked, when I think of it now I think it should be common sense, and right there is where I prove to myself that for all its worth it can never be. Regardless of what the constitution says its not the divine right to pursue happiness but the right to create it that's worth its weight in gold. I'll continue to take my cues from the characters of Lipstick Jungle even if the tv show doesn't return.

Leighton's Lyrics

You should all know by now how much I love me some Blair Waldorf and how much that adoration has translated to actress Leighton Meester. As her her music singles get leaked online I scour for blogs and websites trying to get my hands on them the second they hit the airwaves. I love every single, perfectly aware of and content with the fact that I'm completely biased. Her latest single "Good Girls Go Bad" with Cobra Starship is pretty addictive at this point, what do you all think of Leighton's newest single? I'm particularly loving the line "I know your type, boy your dangerous, yeah you're that guy I'd be stupid to trust but just one night couldn't be so wrong - you make me wanna lose control!" Take a listen to the playlist below.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Lip service #6

I opened this book thinking I'd start the summer off with a bit of meaningless, frivolous reading, and instead I was confronted with a future image of myself that is lets just say, not what I want. Reading for identification I suppose is my weakness, I constantly see facets of myself in the books that I read that entrance me and keep me wholly consumed in the lives of the characters in the books. I cringe when they cringe, I feel what they feel, and it's become somewhat unavoidable. Today I read something that hit home so hard it was startling, so my lip service of the day is:

Lip Service #6: I'm blessed and cursed with "a heart that invites people without permission, holds them in a special place she never had any say in and then yearns for them to remain there longer than they plan" - (Cecilia Ahern, If You Could See me Now)

It's why I tend to gravitate to the idea of never letting my heart see the light of day. But it's also something that has brought so much joy and happiness into my life, maybe the things I can't control are the best things a control freak like me can ever hope for, and maybe just maybe I should find solace in not having a stranglehold on that as I do on everything else.

Thursday, April 30, 2009

It's Chic-Onomics Revised

So the Outnet's a great idea and all but I'm still not sure Net-A-Porter is getting the idea of what chic-onomics really is. I may buy one or two things on the site, but I've got a little gem, that's even better. Their stock is nowhere near as high, but neither are their prices. They have giveaways, and you'll find labels like Michael Kors, Valentino, Rebecca Minkoff, YSL, Just Cavalli, and Vera Wang to name a few, the secret is that it's pretty much invitation only! So you want to get in on the good stuff? Find an Escada Gown for around 83% off its retail price? Here's my invitation link:, register now and open yourself up to a whole new kind of chic-onomics! They'll send you email updates letting you know what's going on sale, or what's up for giveaways and when. They just added a return policy so you've got 14 days to return it for store credit if you don't absolutely love whatever it is you buy. Happy Spending!!

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lip service # 5

Which is worse being a person that takes every risk possible or a person that risks nothing? The skill I have yet to learn is which risks are worth it and which aren't, so instead I risk nothing. I think as long as I don't risk anything I'll never have to be vulnerable, turns out that's the biggest risk of all. The trick to mastering life is to get the right combination of risk and caution. But who are we all kidding in this life we're all just trying to survive.

Lip Service #5: Sometimes the hardest thing in life to know is which bridge to burn and which to cross.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Lip Service #4

Ever get the feeling that when you rebel against something you create a war with yourself? Like you're an alien in your own body? I've come to the conclusion that maybe sometimes no matter how hard you try to avoid doing something, the fact that you're avoiding it puts you right where you weren't trying to be. Social constructions tend to put you in that predicament. Sometimes you just want to prove something isn't true so badly and instead of proving that you end up fitting the mold. That need to define yourself, to have control over who you are and what you'll be, in the end proves that we have no control, we're products of our social environments no matter what we do. I guess I believe in destiny, that whats meant to be will be, no matter what you do, and how many times you get in your own way. This weeks Lip Service is simple:

Lip Service #4: Sometimes the path you take to avoid your destiny, is the path that leads you to it.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

It's Chic-Onomics

So I woke up this morning and up popped a message from the heavens (also known as gmail) letting me know that Net-A-Porter's new sister site launched today. After browsing the site I still get the distinct feeling that the title Chic-Onomics doesn't exactly fit, the clothes are definitely cheaper than Net-A-Porter, but I'd still probably be breaking my little piggy bank to purchase anything in their beautiful stock. With stock at up to 80% off its original price you will get a good deal, the site features Designers like Diane Von Furstenburg, 3.1 Phillip Lim, Zac Posen, Bottega Venetta, Vera Wang and so many more. I'll pick my favourites later, but I no doubt will only be able afford one at a time.

Saturday, April 11, 2009


1000 Hits. Yay me! lol, well I don't know when it happened but it did, thanks for reading, check back soon && continue reading...

Lip Service #3

I've been accused of being random many times of late, it's true I am, but the question that I pose after being told this so frequently is "what's wrong with being random?" Variety after all is the spice of life, there's nothing great about being boring and monotonous. My mind wavers and changes as seconds go by, and my thoughts contradict each other and result in daily changes to my character, without it I don't think I'd survive.

Lip Service #3: There's nothing incredible or even bearable about being the same from day to day, constant reinvention, the breaking down and building up, that is the way we regenerate.

Think about it. What makes Madonna amazing?? How do designers survive in the fashion industry?? and when did Rihanna's career really take off?? If you want to enjoy life, rather than be content, reinvention, and regeneration are key. Good style doesn't come from having the same thing in your closet as seasons go by, Oscar Wilde once said that "Fashion is a form of ugliness so intolerable that we have to alter it every 6 months." Though I don't think he actually meant that it's 'ugly', I believe wholly that if it didn't change with the seasons I'd die from the boredom.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Lip Service #2

It seems I've hit a stride of good luck in life, everything's going my way, (except for the relationship stuff) but I'm inclined to believe it's going the way my subconscious wants it to. I don't believe that I'm carrying around a super good luck charm so I'm more willing to believe in this week's Lip Service.

Lip Service Lesson #2: Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. (Little Black Book) Except for matters concerning love.

So it's not like everything good that ever happens to you is due to some preparation, but the really good things are usually things you prep endlessly for. I think I've hit a stride of balance when it comes to Work, School, Career Planning and Fashion. For the most part I've planned everything out, and it's working out just as I had hoped. I've blended my style into the perfect cross between Audrey Hepburn Classic and Island Flavour. I've got an internship for the summer and my summer job too, grades are for the first time in a while better than I even expected, and my career plans are off the ground running. But I'm convinced that love has nothing to do with luck, your love life isn't the result of serious planning, but it does need the opportunity to grow. You can't plan something you can't control, and if you're controlling your love life, I suggest you take a step back and free yourself. =D

PS: Little Black Book = Good Movie; a more honest take on the dating world than most of us ever see in the movies

Friday, March 20, 2009


I realize now that my love for TV shows and Fashion has taken up most of my blogging regimen, and not that I don't still adore those two subject matters, but I'm thinking of starting a weekly life lesson mandate. With a mind that goes a million miles a minute like my own, I've got to find somewhere to channel all that rather profound wisdom right??? Well I'm going to try and there's no better place to start but here!

Lip service Lesson #1:
Don't string all your pearls on one necklace (translation: Don't put all your eggs in one basket!) proverbial I know, I never understood why my father was always so adamant about it, until now. Whether it's your professional or private life, don't ever not have a fall back plan, variety is after all the spice of life.

Fashion: try new things, don't get caught up in the same boring routine, check out new stores, and new styles, who knows you might find something you really love.

Love: one guy isn't a good enough prospect, don't count on him to be your prince charming, because well fairy tales don't really exist, sorry. For all intensive purposes I believe in monogamy (as an end result), but what I don't believe in is only dating exclusively, and filling your mind with the thoughts of only one person when you've got your whole life ahead of you.

Career Planning: it's all good and well to have career plans, because Ambition is a wonderful thing, but there's no excuse not to have a plan B, sometimes they'll save your life.

Whatever the case may be, don't lock yourself up into an all or nothing situation, you set yourself up for disappointment 99.9% of the time.

LG Fashion Week: Carlton Brown

This week has been an absolute whirlwind adventure for me as I've been volunteering at LG Toronto Fashion Week. It's been a lot of hard work but amazing nonetheless and last night I began to understand why I had to be there so much. Carlton Brown's collection was simply phenomenal, and as I danced to the sounds of Sean Paul, while peeking through to catch a glimpse of my fellow Jamaican, I couldn't help but feel a sense of pride rush through me, heightening every sense in my body. I was tingling with excitement, there it was before my very eyes, one of Jamaica's own showing an exciting inventive, cohesive and bold menswear collection, while simultaneously promoting Jamaican music with Stacey McKenzie at his side. When such an occasion comes before me it is not only blogworthy but a moment where I am proudest of the land of my birth. We are as our national motto says "Out of Many One People" and Carlton Brown made us all very proud. Our vibrancy as a country showed through in his collection's vivid pops of colour, and those male models were gorgeous! All I can say now is "We likkle but wi talawa" (translation: we are small but mighty) and I am so thankful that I was able to witness this proud moment for Jamaicans all over the world!

Monday, February 23, 2009

Read My Lips: Red Carpet at the Oscars

The 81st Annual Academy Awards were, as usual the premiere Red Carpet event of the year. It was no surprise that Kate Winslet took home the Oscar for Best Actress Every actress, Natalie Portman looked divine as per usual, and Anne Hathaway beamed in her glittering jewel encrusted Giorgio Armani Dress. I can't say I really found anything I thought was a definite miss except maybe this big bow trend that looks straight out of an 80's prom catalogue, but moving on here are my favourites.
My #1 Favourite
Taraji P Henson in Roberto Cavalli
The gown looks like an upside down Cala Lily
The tiers of fabric are gorgeous.

Freida Pinto wearing John Galliano
The jewel tone is perfect for her skin tone!

Natalie Portman, stunning as always!
This Rodarte dress confirms exactly why she's so fabulous

Anne Hathaway in Giorgio Armani
In all her beautiful glory, glittering on the red carpet

Sarah Jessica Parker in Dior Haute Couture
Even if the gown was a little bit like the Miley Cyrus frock
She can do no wrong