Monday, September 29, 2008

Read My Lips: Contest - Nine West - Your Shoe Craving Sweeps

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This is a sweepstake you can't miss, whether or not you think you won't win it's still a great chance.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

GG Hysteria

I’m a bit wound up after watching tonight’s episode of Gossip Girl. I always manage to somehow feel personally slighted when something bad happens to Blair and this episode was no exception. I have to get a few things off my chest, Lord Marcus should be beheaded, sleeping with step-mommy dearest isn’t a good look especially for a suitor of our Queen B. Next ‘UGHH’, this episode reminded me of why I HATE Vanessa’s character, it’s one thing to basically dump Nate Archibald but to take it upon herself to dish out revenge when we all know nobody does it better than B is just idiotic. Chuck Bass should be shot! I know he and Blair are kindred spirits when it comes to orchestrating drama but he continues to hurt her over and over again and for that I cannot and will not forgive him. I somehow managed to feel anger towards Serena in this episode too, I mean Blair is allegedly her best friend and is loyal to a fault (one of the many things I love about her) and because Serena is hurt from the D&S break-up she just decides to disregard the good girl image she manicured last year along with an attempt to dethrone Queen B. I feel a storm brewing on the Upper East Side, a school divided and the Manhattan Monarchies at war. We all know whose team I’m fighting for, TEAM B, Long live the Queen!

It looks like Serena’s character is about to shed the good girl image and get back to the bad girl from the books. Queen B will once again have to fight for her title, mark my words the claws will come out! I’m still a diehard Blair and Nate fan; so maybe, just maybe they’ll end up back together at some point this season. As for Jenny, her character serves only one purpose; to annoy me. My prediction still stands the only way that girl is going to have an actual purpose in the show again is if the writers somehow concoct some crazy relationship with her and Nate.

My favourite quote from this episode

Dan: Google Revenge and you'll get!

Attention: All Teen Vogue FASHION U Class of 2008

So a bunch of us are going to go to Carmines for dinner before the concert, to get to know each other and to get some good food. I figured this would be a great way for us to meet up before the weekend really begins. If you're interested we'll be there from around 4:00-5:30 pm (2450 Broadway) before we head over to the fashion show and concert. Carmines servings are family style: one plate can feed like 4 people, so come hungry. Check the facebook event page for more details and for any updates...See you there!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pandora's Box

Less than one Week from today my life will regain balance as Lipstick Jungle returns to the small screen. says Nico's guilt from her tawdry affair will lead her to try to do anything to fix her marriage. Poor Nico, saying no to Kirby might just be the hardest thing any woman would ever have to do. As for Wendy as she tries to set aside some family time, along comes her mother to throw a monkey wrench into her plans. Victory will yet again fight falling in love with her billionaire (ex)lover Joe Bennett. All this and more will be unleashed when ABC opens "Pandora's Box" in the season premiere on Friday September 24th.

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

My New Favourite Zip Code - 90210

It's a little late but I still have to say that I kind of love the CW's new 90210. Maybe I love it because I'm not as familiar with the old one, so I don't have a strong loyalty tied to it. I like the mix of the characters and the drama that's already began to ensue, I also love the idea that the show plays around with the old cast as well as giving us fresh new drama. I'm still not sure which couple I'm rooting for, it could be the one that looks like it'll never be (Annie & Ethan, the shows Canadian stars) or the two misfits that fit (Dixon & Silver) I'll have to keep watching to figure it out, but I know I'm not a fan of Naomi (it may be because she has too many beautiful features on her one face that manage to clash in every episode). For a recycled rich kid prime time soap this show has something that's got me hooked, I just can't put my finger on it quite yet.


So I realize this blog has started to follow tv a bit too closely so instead of telling you how I almost cried watching One Tree Hill this week, or that Gossip Girl was again phenomenal and a damn good surprise (the writers managed not to be predictable…YAY!) I’m going to share some of my good news with you. I recently got my acceptance to TEEN VOGUE FASHION U 2008, now for those of you that don’t know this is a pretty sweet event. FASHION U is a three day event consisting of a fashion show, concert, movie screening and best of all Seminars with the Editors of Teen Vogue and top fashion designers. I’m still reeling with excitement since I’ve been waiting since July 7th to find out if I got in. Since I want to be an editor of a fashion magazine sometime in the near future I kind of feel like I’ve broken some proverbial glass ceiling, now all I’ll need to do is make sure the editors remember me. Now I realize I haven’t been as interactive as I should but if anyone has any questions they think I should ask I’d love your suggestions, I’m sure there are things I’m not thinking about. For the fellow class of ’08 I can’t wait to see you there, and for those of you who weren’t aware of this awesome opportunity there is always next year (you can get a jump start on your sketching for the admissions form && check teen vogues website in and around June and July of next year).

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Rekindling My Love for TV

This past week was the jump start on the CW’s earlier season premieres, and I have to say the flame is still there. Okay so I was a bit disappointed with the One Tree Hill Season Premiere, it had its intense moments and the crazy Nanny Carrie is back and bringing with her a load of drama with a capital D(an). I found myself asking why the hell Lucas is with Peyton, no offence to all you Leyton fans but Peyton really does bore me. Brooke and Lucas however are my favourite One TreOe Hill couple of all time. So after the episode I went spoiler searching to find out if it’s really over between them, I mean marriage never means much to the writers now does it. I’m happy to report for all the Brucas/Looke fans that Leyton may not be living so happily ever after; throughout the season Lucas and Brooke will be faced with their not so dead feelings. The love triangle continues, and I’m oh so happy for it. I hope Brooke’s okay from her run in with the robber and that both Nanny Carrie and Dan spontaneously combust in that house she’s keeping him in, I’ll Miss Marvin McFadden and Millicent if they actually stay away their the only stable couple in the entire group.

On another note, did anyone understand America’s Next Top Model’s new Techno/Galactic vibe, because I sure as hell didn’t. Tyra redeemed herself with the rest of the episode, but I have to wonder is ANTM running out of ideas on how to make it interesting. So within the top 14, 13 remain and I’ve obviously already picked my top and bottom 5. I’ll start with the girls I think have the goods to win and an appealing personality along with it (in no specific order at the moment I don’t know them well enough to label them yet). Majorie’s nervous yet adorable nature is intriguing and her bone structure is pretty damn awesome. Elina is so different I couldn’t help but love her, it seems like she understands herself pretty well and I can’t wait to see how that translates into her photos. Kimora Lee #2 had to be on the list, the Harlem Honey Sheena has so much personality it’s hard not to think she’s going somewhere in this competition. Isis, yes I know she was born a man and all that but I admire her strength and determination and going on a show that is watched internationally and broadcasting that takes some serious guts, she’s got potential and as much as other people say she doesn’t belong I think she does. McKey, if that girl isn’t high fashion I don’t know what is, she’s got it in the bag if she can quit being so damn awkward in front of the camera. Now for the bottom 5, the girls that I barely remember or just don’t like. Nikeysha, sorry girl but something about you just doesn’t fit, maybe when Tyra does your make over you’ll make a serious transformation because that shoulder length cut with bangs is making your face look scary skinny. Clark, she’s already my least favourite person in the house, maybe if this sheltered little southern bell gets a taste of the real world I’ll like her better but for now I think she’s too closed minded. The only thing I remember about Lauren Brie is that she scares me and she has a big forehead, I hope they soften her up a little bit in the makeovers. As for the two I don’t remember Analeigh and Samantha there isn’t much I can say except get some camera time, viewers need to see you’re personality, the good, the bad, and the ugly. As September goes by more season premieres will trickle in and I’ll have so much more to talk about.

I’m going to start posting my weekly predictions for whose getting the boot on ANTM next week, who knows my top 5 may even change

Thursday, September 4, 2008

XOXO You know I loved it.

So the season premiere of gossip girl did not disappoint. I loved every waking minute of it, I missed it so much this summer it was like a piece of me was missing. It was packed with the usual drama with some not so predictable occurrences (who knew lonely boy had a little playboy in him). I think there's a lot more than meets the eye to Nate's tawdry affair with Catherine, and Serena and Dan are back together, like the writers had a choice. But the real spotlight as usual is on the Queen Bee, Blair Waldorf stole the show. It's enough that she made me want to cry when tears welled up in her eyes, something about the shows anti-heroine is just so commanding. She's beautiful, and she's complex, and although I think Chuck understands her I'm still having trouble with accepting that they really love each other. For now Lord Marcus will keep Blair occupado and I can't wait to see things heat up between those two, give Blair a chance to be at least a little happy. Oh the possibilities that lie within this new twisted love triangle, but for now if it's a choice between Royal blood and an unfaithful bloodhound the obvious choice is Royal blood. The back-story of little J at the white party remains where is belongs: on the back burner, I just don't find her that interesting. Sure when she was a bad girl I loved to hate her but now, I just hate to see her. I have a feeling the writers are going to try and use Nate as her way back into the 'scandalous lives of Manhattans elite', but for now I'm tired of little Jenny Humphrey, and I don't really care if that changes. Can't wait for next week!