Friday, July 30, 2010

Play Me a Little Ditty is back up and running and I've discovered what is quite possibly the cutest necklace + musical instrument combination I've ever seen. The Blow harmonica necklace is too cute, although I have to wonder if it works as well as it looks. There's only one way to find out, pressing the checkout button right now!

Thursday, July 1, 2010

A Few Good Pairs

It wasn't fun when I slid down the water slide and hoisted myself out of the water only to find that one of my favorite earrings went missing. Ever since I lost my knots I've been searching for another pair. Today, as the fates would have it, I finally found another pair. Though they're not exactly the same (they may in all actuality be nicer), I'm officially on cloud nine. I hate that when I'm searching for something I can never find it, the truth of the matter is that even though it's a cliche to say 'it happens when you're not looking' with respect to love it's applicable to practically every aspect of my life (a lesson I've been reminded of day by day).

In January my aunt decided to empty a jewelry box (which was kind of like a pot of gold) on the bed and gave me free reign to take what I wanted. I found these orchid earrings that I love, they're the perfect pair of earrings, so much so that I wear them way too much. I beat myself up every time I fall asleep in them because it always seems like a petal has been distorted by my sleeping habits. I've been worrying about what will happen when I finally do the unthinkable and one of them ends up breaking. Crazy glue had honestly been sounding like a realistic option, until today when I found the beautiful flower earrings listed above.

I may have to wait a few weeks for them to arrive but let me say this incase you haven't heard me say it before: I love The Antiquities sale is only on for another day or so but if you're interested join the site (here's the link: and check them out.