Sunday, August 8, 2010

My At Home Vintage Store

I told my mom her closet was a treasure chest of vintage and she didn't like that. Where else can I find amazing silk or wool pencil skirts and shards of mother of pearl strung together on a necklace for free? I come from a family of shameless pack-rats, my mother still has every stitch of clothing from her pre-marriage wardrobe (future partner promise me you won't let me do that, pry them from my cold dead hands if you must). There are some things that need to toss, if given the chance I might veto more of her current stuff than her old stuff, except for the ones with the dry rot elastics and what-not. Anyway, every now and then she catches me wearing something that actually belongs to her and I have to slap myself for forgetting that her memory is as good as an elephant's. The reprimanding I get for swiping her goodies is worth it, the things I swiped may actually be my favorite wardrobe/accessory pieces so there's no way she's getting them back.