Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Newfound Love Affair

So my love for pop culture never stops and since regular television is off season I've had some time to find a new addiction. I can't believe I didn't fall for this show in its first season, mostly because I was so taken up with Gossip Girl, Women's Murder Club and Lipstick Jungle among other things, but after the numerous golden globe wins something should have clicked. I've taken a time warp in the last month and a half. After watching the entire first season of Mad Men it would seem as if i'm living in the 60's (at least in my head).
I love the fashion, since I fell in love with Audrey Hepburn the 1960's stole my heart. Admittedly, I walk around with my hair in rollers and a vintage scarf a la Breakfast at Tiffany's with a ukelele playing Moonriver. As for the show, something about the salacious office affairs and the questionable office politics has me hooked, i'm preordering the season two DVD right now!

Lip Service #12

So there was this boy that I absolutely positively adored, no matter how hard I tried I couldn't get him out of my mind, but I knew deep down it was pointless. We wanted different things, were completely different people and would probably never agree on anything. Now when I was a teenager those kinds of relationships were the ones I thrived on, the constant fighting and arguing gave me such a rush and the drama was exciting, but now I don't have the time for it so I let prince charming pass me by. Yes I said prince charming, imagine everything you ever wanted in a man plus an ample amount of bonuses personified, well that was him for me... My problem - I don't do commitment and no matter how perfect he is i'm still not ready. So there I sat last night watching PS I Love You (a hilarious book by the way), only to hear the perfect proverbial chick's way to say exactly how I was feeling. Some may say square peg round hole, but this one fits so much better:

Lip Service #12: Your like a pair of shoes that I really want to buy, but they just don't fit!

A different time a different place and it could have all been perfect!

Sound off: GG update

Okay so in the midst of the Gossip Girl hiatus I've turned to checking out every blog and news site that google would feed me about updates and hints to the upcoming 3rd season's shenanigans. To my deep upset I stumbled upon multiple reports that Hilary Duff will be joing the Gossip Girl cast for a few episodes slated to start airing in October. Can I just say that two letter word I hope you're all thinking; NO! Just plain and simple, why do the casting directors insist on putting has been tween celebs into the mix, it's enough to have Michelle Tratchenberg as Georgina Sparks. I've learned to live with her presence because I actually kind of liked Harriet the Spy but Lizzie McGuire needs to stay away from the Upper East Side. That's my verdict, && the idea of her and Dan Humphrey together isn't winning her any points either.