Tuesday, March 15, 2011


If you've been wondering why you haven't seen much going on on this blog after I vowed to blog more, it's not because I've abandoned my resolutions. It's because I've started a new & better venture, bringing you the same wit, sass and style of Read My Lips is the new site Spoils of Style.

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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Lip Service: 29.01.11

"One [wo]man's style must not be the rule of another's."

-Jane Austen

I may get a lot of flack for saying this but even though I sometimes adore celebrity style choices I know they're not for me. Even things Anna Wintour wears or puts in Vogue don't necessarily pique my fancy, because this tiny little woman (who by the way usually scares the living daylights out of me) has a completely different style perspective from me and I'm completely unapologetic about it. When I was in college my professor told me I had an intriguing way of writing and that I should take some time to identify writers that I liked and try to combine their style with my own, to some extent I listened, but in another breath I'm completely secure in my own abilities. Vera Wang once said that nothing hasn't been done before in fashion, so what fashion is about now is finding a way to meld different things together to create a signature look that's completely you. My style icons give me pause, because not one of them has a body type similar to my own. Yet still three of my favorite stylish women couldn't be more different if they tried, Audrey Hepburn is classic, Leighton Meester is your all-American beauty, and Tami Chynn is a shot of Jamaican flavor.

I'm a girl from the tropics who loves color in an age where everyone would just rather wear black, and I'm always going to stay true to that. My rules for style aren't the same as anyone else's and while I'm sure people can appreciate my taste, when it boils down to styling it for themselves, they'll always opt for something different. Why? Because as Jane Austen says: one man's style must not be the rule for another's. Unless you're one of those people that likes to blend into the background instead of stepping out on your own. Point and case, that's decidedly not me. While I'm not a total fan of Rihanna and her outlandish style statements, the girl has guts and I'm loving her new scent -Reb'l Fleur - because every woman has a little bit of rebellion inside of her and letting that shine through is what makes style so diverse. Did I mention that Reb'l Fleur has the sweet notes of coconut and hibiscus that beckon me back to my childhood in a grown up way.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Getting the Look: Inside Leighton Meester's February 2011 Nylon Editorial

After the insane snowpocalypse of the winter season my mail finally made it to my door and along with it my was February issue of Nylon that the mailman stuffed in a plastic bag for me. As per usual when receiving a magazine with the lovely Leighton Meester on the cover I flipped right past the staple stories and delved straight into the latest lowdown on Ms. Meester. She's so down to earth it should be sickening but every article I read about her never gets old, nor does the fashion that accompanies it. My favorite shot from the editorial spread was ripe for spring picking, and with the weather the way it is, this is the closest way to a girl can dream that I'll get while wide awake.

While I'm coveting the mustard yellow Chloé dress Leighton rocks, it's still winter and most of the Spring Summer 2011 collections are either still being sewn or sitting in storage rooms waiting for the weather or at least the time of year to improve. The almost nude peach Dolce & Gabbana backless silk chiffon dress has the same billowy flow of the Chloé frock without coming on strong with next season's color palette. Pulling winter's love for layers into the next season gets even better with the Dorothy Perkins cream lace crocheted waistcoat and an ASOS mustard yellow leather waist belt. Add in one part Alexander McQueen studded boots, one part extra long vintage Chanel necklace, a chain layered necklace and a few doses of House of Harlow 1960 14kt Aztec bangles for good measure. Voila! You've got an outfit fit for Nylon's latest cover girl or yourself.

I Want to Feel Like: A Courtesan

I'm fully aware that 'courtesan' is just a nice way of saying prostitute, except courtesans seem to have more fun. Think Moulin Rouge, minus the perilous STD. or the fact that courtesans were supposed to be fairly well off in their own rite. From accessories to home decor, I'd like to imagine myself, if only for a moment, as an Indian Courtesan with the world as my oyster, and while the former may not be true, I like to believe the world is mine to shape as I see fit. I own my fair share of clutches, but something is so seductive about the grape hue and gold Hindi looking inscription on this particular clutch. As for my home, Indian tapestry is often handmade with beading that I'd die for whether its on clothing or curtains, and this artisan creation is just that and more. If you study Hindu scriptures there's more to this decorated elephant than meets the eye, Ganesha is meant to bring joy, and enrich wisdom and knowledge so keeping this Jay Strongwater adorned figurine close is a sign of good luck. Last but not least, you can't be a courtesan with out a few bangles and these facets of color would have a girl like me who loves color even more than sparkle in lust.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Cult Chronicles: Gossip Girl

I (la la la la) love Gossip Girl to the point where it could be nauseating to people that don’t share my love of what NYMag calls ‘the greatest show of our time.’ I feel like I’ve grown up with Gossip Girl. I live and breathe with GG on a daily basis, from the books in high school to the show in college. Blair instigated my love affair with Audrey Hepburn and led me to my decision to pursue a career as an editor, or rather to dream of becoming an Editor-in-Chief. In some ways my life has been tied to GG in unexpected ways. Between the Gossip Girl whisper as my text message ringtone, my obsession with Gossip Girl fashion, and my willingness to stick it out even when I thought the writers weren’t getting it, Gossip Girl will always have a special place in my heart.

How do I count the ways I love Blair Waldorf? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s the only character the writers and actors have gotten perfectly right. Blair’s a bitch, the Queen B if you will, but she’s got so many secrets, a heart of gold, and she’s loyal to a fault, I’m attached to this Audrey Hepburn lover in ways I can’t describe. This is the character in pop culture that single handedly revived stockings and headbands. And while her onscreen counterpart couldn’t be more different, I gravitate to Leighton Meester because I realize that the daring style statements and not so elite upbringing behind Ms. Meester have made her an actress that plays roles outside of herself so well. The fact that Blair and I have come to want the same career is just a little icing on the cake in my Blair Waldorf-Gossip Girl love affair.

The Look

As for getting the look, I'm in love with the mix of chiffon and tweed, but as per usual Eric Daman likes to use pieces that are unavailable to us masses so here are a few comparable pieces and a contrasting scarf to add a little bit of me into the Blair Waldorf equation.

Square Lust - Good Morning Scarf; $250.00, Boticca.com

Jason Wu - Crinkled Floral-Chiffon Blouse; $945.00, NeimanMarcus.com

See by Chloé - Tweed Miniskirt; $275.00 (on sale - $77.00), Bloomingdales.com

Wolford - Souvenir Lace Tights; $150.00 (on sale - $60.00), Outnet.com

Saturday, January 22, 2011

From Film to Fashion

Reversible Turban from Madame Framboise; $59.00, Boticca.com

It's my belief in life that everything can be likened to an Audrey Hepburn movie, at least everything in my life. From fashion to philosophy, I can more than likely always tie something back to the woman who taught me a lot about 'how to be lovely.' Moonriver remains one of my favorite songs, simply because its notes of longing and complexity lurk beneath the surface, and Audrey Hepburn's reprisal was, in my completely biased opinion, made for her. Audrey poses off along the windowsil on the fire escape with a guitar in hand and her hair tied up in a towel made to look like a turban. The turban may not have been meant to be as chic as it has become, but everytime I see one or wrap my head in a scarf in the same manner I can't help but picture myself as Audrey Hepburn while humming or belting out a little bit of 'Moonriver.' This reversible turban is perfection, if only I could have a few scarfs made the same way, I'd be in heaven.