Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Spotted: Leighton Meester Teen Vogue Cover Girl

(photo taken from TeenVogue.com)

The beautiful Leighton Meester will be seen on the cover of Teen Vogue in the upcoming February issue. Teen Vogue reported that Leighton says she doesn't want to stop playing the character, and was quoted saying "It would be like part of me going away." Her spread in Teen Vogue will detail all we want to know about this classic beauty, from the truth about that rumour that she was born in jail, to what she thinks about her co-star Ed Westwick (Chuck Bass), the article will also include what she really thinks about Blair Waldorf's signature style, her childhood and some insider information on her debut album (I can't wait to get my hands on that one!).

P.S. New Episodes of Gossip Girl Start January 5th, The next few episodes will answer a few questions about our upper eastsiders, Like how Serena's trip to South America went, or whether or not Blair will attend her father's alma mater, and what about little Jenny Humphrey's return to constance, she's bound to make waves, most importantly we'll finally get some closure from our burning questions from the last episode. Will Chuck and Blair finally be together, will Dan and Aaron have a showdown for Serena's love, what will happen with Rufus and Lily? There's so much we're about to find out. Gossip Girl's New Years Resolution: Keep Getting Better!

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