Saturday, October 24, 2009

Feet Relief

Okay, so even with the best foot cushions money can buy, there comes a time when your instep can no longer take the unnatural position courtesy of your stiletto heels. Those used to be comfortable Ellie Tahari heels are posing a health risk, and beckoning for a trip to the chiropractor to undo the damage. It may be two months away but I've already started making my Christmas list, and number one on my list are Footzyrolls, the perfect compact shoes that look great and give your feet the much needed relief they crave after a night on the dancefloor. They beat walking barefoot with heels in hand any day, and I'll never have to worry that my feet won't make the next two steps to get through the doorway.

Friday, October 23, 2009

The Arsenal

Every girl has her fashion and beauty must haves, the old faithfuls that she'll always go back to no matter what. A concept that makeup companies sometimes don't understand, especially when they decide to discontinue something. Up until I started university the use of makeup was foreign to me, I relied on one thing good old vaseline (the all purpose lip gloss, moisturiser, and sometimes even make up remover). Those days seem so far removed today when my beauty kit is practically overflowing (and in need of some spring cleaning now that I think of it), I've reached the point in my life where I've determined at the very least, half of what works for me, and I've begun to compose my very own arsenal.

The Back Saver
Maidenform's backless bra

As a pretty well endowed female I'd come to hate the backless numbers that looked so cute but offered no semblance of support. I'd written them off as something I wouldn't be able to wear, but thanks to maidenform, that's a song I no longer have to sing, the backless bra actually works, so now I can feel free to show off my nicely toned back muscles (if I do say so myself)!

The Lash Master
Lash Blast from Cover Girl

Forget all the hightech gadgetry with the vibrating wands and the circular shaped tip (my absolute least favourite), nothing makes my thick but not so long lashes pop quite like this baby. I remember when it came out, a friend of mine had chastised me about my mascara obsession and kept me from buying it for months, but I knew even before I'd tried it that this was the answer to my lashful woes.

The Magic Maker
Vasanti Magic Liner

I stumbled upon this treasure during my internship at As a girl who hates using average colour combinations and loves to make liner out of all of her shadows, I've finally found my (not so secret) secret weapon. Before this gem popped up out of obscurity I was confined to mixing a little visine with my shadows and an eyeliner brush (a perfectly adequate solution if you can't get your hands on this baby).

The Gam Poser
Hue Stockings
I've admittedly hated my legs for most of my life, and as I move up into adulthood and accept my toned yet huge thighs I have found their must have accessory, from the lace flowers to the diamond prints to just plain old blacks and blues, Hue gives my legs that extra something that makes me look past how big they are and for lack of a better word sexifies them.

The Foot Doctor
Airplus Foot Cushions

As a shorty standing at 5 foot 3 inches I wear heels as much as I can, which can wreak havoc on my feet, after the Fall LG Fashion Week earlier this year I discovered the most amazing cure to my tootsie troubles. I can wear my heels anywhere, dance the night away and (almost) never have to be that girl walking out of the club barefoot with shoes in hand. These gel cushions give me that extra comfort I need to make those extra ten steps to my door after a night on the town.

LG Fashion Week - The Rundown

After a week at the tents I'm exhausted, but now it's time for a rundown of the entire week. Plagued by bad weather that couldn't make up its mind between the sunshine and the rain, the cold and a few degrees above that, LG Fashion Week still came out shining. From the Chandeliers in the Showroom to the garments on the Runway, this season's show was decadent & phenomenal. My favourite moments? Maybe it was almost interrupting Stacy McKenzie mid-interview and living to talk about it. OR the fact that I did get a pretty good look at almost every collection shown this week, either way I had fun. This season started off collaborating
Fashion with the Shakespearean Era, featuring lots of lace, capes and lavish fabrics (I'm a sucker for any literature references). Between the Barbie by David Dixon collection and the show's featuring of the soundtrack to Funny Face and a clip from the film I was completely floored by the homage to my favourite Audrey Hepburn classic, not to mention the collection. Aside from my Audrey Hepburn love affair, that makes me completely biased - the NADA show was my absolute favourite, I'd be willing to say this collection was the perfect Spring collection, with just the right combination of florals, lace, and an ethereal quality, NADA's at the top of my list of favourite Canadian Designers. My biggest disappointment: not being able to see the September Issue (but hey I'll see it very soon =D).

The NADA Show

Barbie by David Dixon

Opening Night @ LG Fashion Week
(I love this cape!)

Opening Night @ LG Fashion Week
(Loved the combination of pink, lace and the cape)

Opening Night @ LG Fashion Week

Monday, October 12, 2009

As a loyal Audrey Hepburn follower, my staple hairstyle is a pinned updo. I've contemplated and nearly convinced myself to cut my hair into a pixie cut (Roman Holiday), then a permanent updo (How to Steal a Million) all to no avail. My hair may be medium length, a little past my shoulders, and offers me some versatility, but if it's one thing you can almost always count on, it's that my hair will be pinned up in some variation or another. As prim and proper as I tend to be, I kind of enjoy making my hair a little dishevled. When I run out of ideas or need inspiration the first place I run to is BellaSugar, their step by step guides have turned me into a pro in making my otherwise basic hair cut into some pretty sweet stylings. Exhibit A: Kristen Bells' hairstyle and my own above, I myself still can't completely master that 4 part braid, but it still came out pretty nicely.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Mercury in Retrograde

Interested in what goes on in the mind of a NYT Page Six Editor? The woman with the inside scoop on the hottest gossip in the city that never sleeps, Paula Froelich recently published her debut novel, Mercury in Retrograde. When Mercury falls into retrograde, all hell breaks loose for three New York women, in all the chaos and calamity this unlikely trio end up living in the same apartment building and become best friends. When Penelope Mercury burns her office to a crisp and projectile vomits all over her boss, things couldn't possibly get any worse. The fashionable socialite/editor Lena "Lipstick" Lippencrass, is served with a parental eviction notice, forcing her to pull herself up by her Jimmy Choo bootstraps. As for the workaholic/neurotic newly divorced Dana Gluck, when her (seemingly) picture perfect marriage, turns out to be anything but, she's got to learn that working 24/7 and (unneccessarily) attending Weight Watcher meetings isn't the remedy to getting over the depression that follows a failed marriage. The story that follows these three ladies as they're smacked back into orbit had me more than giggling in amusement in less than appropriate places (yes that was me on the train laughing while you were trying to sleep). I'll be waiting for Paula Froelich's next masterpiece.