Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Jungle Update

The ratings went up in the last episode but the fate of my dearly beloved still hangs in the balance. The decision whether or not the show will be pulled relies completely on what happens in the next few episodes. So Lipstick and non-Lipstick lovers alike tune in on Fridays from now until the season is over, blog about it, post on nbc, sign the petition, do everything you can to save our dear lipstick from becoming another discontinued shade. They can't cancel it now, everyones lives just got so much more interesting. Will Nico and Griffin hook up, or will she and Kirby hook up again, this love triangle is about to steam up the jungle. What will happen to Wendy and Shane now that she wants therapy and he's planning on running off on this international tour with Natasha Bedingfield at the urging of Josie, his manager whose nursing a thing for him. Most importantly, now that Victory has shocked us all (in a good way) by saying its her turn to pop the question to Joe, we have so many questions, like how she plans to flip the script and when she does what will Joe's answer be.

Let us not forget: It's a jungle out there, Dress appropriately.

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