Friday, January 28, 2011

I Want to Feel Like: A Courtesan

I'm fully aware that 'courtesan' is just a nice way of saying prostitute, except courtesans seem to have more fun. Think Moulin Rouge, minus the perilous STD. or the fact that courtesans were supposed to be fairly well off in their own rite. From accessories to home decor, I'd like to imagine myself, if only for a moment, as an Indian Courtesan with the world as my oyster, and while the former may not be true, I like to believe the world is mine to shape as I see fit. I own my fair share of clutches, but something is so seductive about the grape hue and gold Hindi looking inscription on this particular clutch. As for my home, Indian tapestry is often handmade with beading that I'd die for whether its on clothing or curtains, and this artisan creation is just that and more. If you study Hindu scriptures there's more to this decorated elephant than meets the eye, Ganesha is meant to bring joy, and enrich wisdom and knowledge so keeping this Jay Strongwater adorned figurine close is a sign of good luck. Last but not least, you can't be a courtesan with out a few bangles and these facets of color would have a girl like me who loves color even more than sparkle in lust.

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