Monday, January 24, 2011

Cult Chronicles: Gossip Girl

I (la la la la) love Gossip Girl to the point where it could be nauseating to people that don’t share my love of what NYMag calls ‘the greatest show of our time.’ I feel like I’ve grown up with Gossip Girl. I live and breathe with GG on a daily basis, from the books in high school to the show in college. Blair instigated my love affair with Audrey Hepburn and led me to my decision to pursue a career as an editor, or rather to dream of becoming an Editor-in-Chief. In some ways my life has been tied to GG in unexpected ways. Between the Gossip Girl whisper as my text message ringtone, my obsession with Gossip Girl fashion, and my willingness to stick it out even when I thought the writers weren’t getting it, Gossip Girl will always have a special place in my heart.

How do I count the ways I love Blair Waldorf? I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, she’s the only character the writers and actors have gotten perfectly right. Blair’s a bitch, the Queen B if you will, but she’s got so many secrets, a heart of gold, and she’s loyal to a fault, I’m attached to this Audrey Hepburn lover in ways I can’t describe. This is the character in pop culture that single handedly revived stockings and headbands. And while her onscreen counterpart couldn’t be more different, I gravitate to Leighton Meester because I realize that the daring style statements and not so elite upbringing behind Ms. Meester have made her an actress that plays roles outside of herself so well. The fact that Blair and I have come to want the same career is just a little icing on the cake in my Blair Waldorf-Gossip Girl love affair.

The Look

As for getting the look, I'm in love with the mix of chiffon and tweed, but as per usual Eric Daman likes to use pieces that are unavailable to us masses so here are a few comparable pieces and a contrasting scarf to add a little bit of me into the Blair Waldorf equation.

Square Lust - Good Morning Scarf; $250.00,

Jason Wu - Crinkled Floral-Chiffon Blouse; $945.00,

See by Chloé - Tweed Miniskirt; $275.00 (on sale - $77.00),

Wolford - Souvenir Lace Tights; $150.00 (on sale - $60.00),

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