Thursday, June 19, 2008

I Love Your Funny Face

People always ask me why I call myself Funny Face and my response is usually, to quote the movie that started it all “I have no illusions about my looks, I think my face is perfectly funny.” To explain further Funny Face happens to be my favourite movie (Gap stole the dance sequence from the film and fused it with AC/DC in an ad series for the skinny black pant two years ago). Maybe it’s because I idolize Audrey, or maybe it’s because it’s subject matter falls into the categories of fashion, magazines, and intellect. Starring Fred Astaire and Audrey Hepburn there is nothing remotely bad about this movie. Audrey plays Jo Stockton a manager of a bookstore in Greenwich Village turned ‘Quality Woman’/Model in Paris. It’s a Cinderella story with some of the most romantic locales of Paris in its backdrop. Funny Face combines sight seeing, fashion and music with film, it’s cultured, it’s witty, and the fashion collections are still gorgeous, even if it was filmed over 50 years ago.

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