Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Accessory Necessities

With every season comes new accessories and with that the task of choosing the ones that work for us. Here's my mock up of a few of my favourite things for summer, consider them as important as water and sunscreen. As if my wallet collection wasn't complete this season decided to teach me once again, that I can never have enough of any accessory, no matter how many I already own. I've been seeing the piano hinge wallet (1) everywhere and like the wallet addict I am, I couldn't resist buying one. Now it seems Forever 21 is taunting me with its variations on this beautiful compact wallet. They have them in vinyl, basket weave, metallic, floral, and reptile styles to name a few and the variety is driving me crazy because, I want them all. Of course with that new wallet comes the urge to buy a new purse. I’m adoring the carved handle clutches (2), the wooden handles and the floral or tribal print fabric just screams summer! Taking a step down from the accessories that house our lives are teardrops (3), these earrings add a certain polish to any ensemble, they're a tasteful combination of modern style and vintage elegance. Teardrops finish off a look with timeless taste and a punch of glitz, what more could a girl ask of an accessory? Moving down the list to my last item is an accessory that was inspired by one of the most well known female super heroes ever; Wonder Woman. Reminiscent of the accessories Lynda Carter wore in the tv series are my new favourite style of bracelets. Whether you choose to wear them on one or on both arms, cuff's (4) are Hot; they're elegant and feminine, yet they exude power and confidence. Check out shopstyle.com for the accessories shown above and with the satisfaction garnered from spotting this season’s trends I’ll be ready and waiting to select another set of favourites for the fall, but until then my job here is done.

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