Friday, June 20, 2008

Michelle Obama's $99 Dress

So it apparently costs $148 at White House/Black Market stores, while it’s offered on the Donna Ricco web site for only $99 or at Nordstrom for $98. I understand that people are shocked that the woman doesn’t squander her money, but good style can be done on a budget. I happen to love Donna Ricco and knowing that the possible next First Lady doesn’t spend her money frivolously is a big plus. At least you know your tax dollars aren’t going to paying for Chanel couture (not that I wouldn’t buy it if I could afford it). I think the fact that Senator Obama’s wife was seen on “the View” wearing such a budget friendly frock is a sign of practicality as well as style. Anyone can look good with a stylist and a lot of money, it takes a style savvy woman to shop on a budget and find something great. Obviously people agree because my source tells me the dresses are flying out of White House/Black Market stores, currently SOLD OUT on the Donna Ricco Website, and only available for pre-order on the Nordstrom site. It’s called the “tank leaf print dress” and it seems like she’s trying to tell us something considering the pun; she’s the prospective First Lady who purchased her dress at a store branded “White House” (*wink*wink*). I know I don’t usually talk politics but the more I know about Barack and Michelle Obama the more my faith grows in the leaders of the U.S.

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