Monday, June 16, 2008

...A Lipstick Jungle

So in the event that you didn't get my subtle hints nudging you to the bookstore to get the Lipstick Jungle novel by Candace Bushnell I feel compelled to express how much I adore it. I couldn't put it down, and it may have been the sheer nerve of the women, or the fact that I myself want to be Nico O’Neilly (tv character, Nico Reilly), but this book is good. My mother always said ambition is a wonderful thing, it may be the only thing she told me that I took to heart so I take it seriously. If you didn’t already love Candace Bushnell for being the brains behind the entire idea for Sex and the City you will after reading this. It’s smart, sexy and empowering, everything I perceive its author to be. The three main characters Nico, Wendy and Victory have the kind of ambition that can’t ever be extinguished, and I happen to love them for it. Bushnell takes the old Spice Girls mantra “girl power” corporate with successful women whose ambition makes you believe that they can succeed in anything.

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