Thursday, January 13, 2011

Vintage Splendor: Accessories

I'm sure everyone loves to show off the Chanel logo on their quilted purses, but I find the most fantastic ones don't bother with all the label whoring. This Chanel purse is understated elegance at it's best, the perfect evening bag. Brooches are underrated, and I'm not sure I understand why. My grandmother understood the importance of a good broach, they look great and this one adds a little pop of color to even the most contemporary outfit. Frye boots are legendary because they're timeless and built to last, these are a wardrobe staple for any serious vintage lover. I'm obsessed with hats and it's not because I even wear them, it's just because I love to look at them and take pictures in them. Cloches are my absolute favorite, I amp up my curls, add some red lipstick and put on the most seductive pout I can muster, this blueish-purple cloche is handmade and tailored to perfection. Maybe I'm just an accessory and clothes horse but I literally hoard belts, my aunt has this mother of pearl seashell belt that I covet deeply and this belt vaguely reminds me of it, except it's somehow more my style.

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