Saturday, January 15, 2011

Kristen Stewart's Vogue Cover

I'm increasingly annoyed with Vogue. It's not that I don't admire Anna Wintour for all of her strides in the publishing industry, and her undeniable reinvention of the fashion magazine. It's also in spite of the fact that Grace Coddington has the uncanny ability to make every Vogue piece she constructs look like a dream I'd like to live in. I find myself saying - 'this magazine just doesn't get me,' for that matter neither does Elle. Between the latest Kristen Stewart February Cover, and Anna Wintour's obsession with Blake Lively, I'm more than a little turned off of Vogue. I think if my subscription ran out and I forgot to renew it, it wouldn't even register to me until someone I actually think is cool was on the cover or the September Issue came out (my guess is as good as yours which would come first). I'd be much more content to sit around reading Lucky and Nylon but these aren't considered the pinnacle of my chosen profession, then again I'm inclined to think that those people deciding what the 'pinnacle' is are a little out of touch.

More to the point of this Kristen Stewart cover, maybe it's because I'm not a huge Twilight fan, or maybe it has something to do with her unsightly lack of confidence. Shyness can be endearing, but I'm more endeared with a bee fluttering about, tempted to sting me. I have to hand it to her stylist, or maybe she was just 'Vogued' like Blake Lively, because I'm still holding a grudge against her for ruining the look of my favorite piece from Yigal Azourel's Fall 2009 collection. I understand if Vogue is trying to reach out to a younger, albeit slightly immature audience (yes I'm calling all of you Twilight heads out), but I'm still waiting to see more faces of color that aren't Halle Berry on the cover of Vogue, even Rihanna is too overdone for me. Speaking of Vogue, I have yet to receive my February Copy, which is actually annoying me because I don't subscribe for kicks.

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